I found it ironic that I was offering wedding and hand fasting ceremonies as a declaration of love and long term commitment and on the next page is ………………… divorce and breakup ceremonies.  Whilst a couple do not knowingly enter a marriage or long term relationship and plan to break up.  We cannot ignore the reality that it happens.

Statistics will tell us that approximately 42% of marriages in the UK end in divorce (ONS 2016).  In addition, in modern times many couples spend many years together or co-habit either before entering marriage or instead of marriage.

During a relationship and particularly a marriage, a couple makes commitments and vows.  These are more than just words and can create “ties” or “bonds”.  When this is healthy and both couples remain in agreement all is well.  When something changes and one or both parties no longer wish to adhere to the vow or commitment then they can keep a couple “stuck” or in destructive or unhealthy patterns.

Unfortuantely, not all relationships are the happy ever after and last forever.  They are hard work and never the love, light and lollipops we read about in fairy stories or see in the Hollywood movies.  I live in the “real” world and we cannot ignore the statistics.

As people we can learn and grow both as a couple and individuals however, sometimes it is best for one or both parties to separate.

All too often when a relationship ends, one or sometimes both parties feel hurt, rejected, betrayed.    There can be a range of emotions from anger, sadness, guilt.

Whilst legally a divorce ends a marriage, or if we move out of the home in which we co-habited, a sign the relationship has ended.  It does not mean that energetically we have freed ourselves from the “ties that bind”.

We can remain emotionally attached, whether in joy or pain.  It continues to keep us stuck in the past.  We can carry hurts and pains forwards into new relationships or even no new love appears.

I apply my shamanic healing gifts to bring you this unique ceremony, working with either an individual or couple who is ready to release and move forwards.

  • Release the vows made at marriage.
  • Release any commitments or contracts made during the marriage or relationship.
  • Release any vows or contracts from past lives.
  • Clear past patterns on relationships to be able to attract in a different love.
  • Bring acceptance, forgiveness and blessings to the relationship as it was.
  • Set intentions for the new love you wish to attract.

Move forwards to new love without the binds of the past.