Bringing ancient celtic wisdom back to modern times with this centuries old ceremony that demonstrates a commitment and love for a couple.  Handfasting is the ancient celtic tradition of “binding” a couple together.  This is where we have the expressions “tying the knot”, “joining hands” and “legally bound”.  The hands of a couple were literally bound together creating the infinity symbol with the cords used to bind the wrists.

Originally couples would be handfast together for a year and a day.  It was a public declaration of their intention to be together, effectively giving them a trail period of marriage.  After this time the couple would decide should they stay together or go their separate ways.

Today, we can now bring back these traditions and either include partial hand fasting as part of a traditional ceremony or we can create a traditional hand fasting ceremony.

The handfasting ceremony is presided over by a High Preistess, this is the role I undertake during the ceremony and where I use my shamanic connections to the elements and the four directions, mother earth and father sky.  We will create the sacred space to join together two people in this beautiful union of souls.

We can conduct the ceremony at a venue of your choice or you can choose from many sacred sites or stone circles in the UK, Ireland and USA including:

  • **Stonehenge
  • Avebury
  • Castlerigg

NB:  Permission may be required and / or associated costs at some sites.  Please discuss before booking.

**Stonehenge handfastings are gaining popularity, advance booking is essential.